Our Typical Class

A typical class begins with an invigorating warm-up and stretching routine, including some strength and conditioning exercises. Students also learn rolls and falls, allowing practice of the jujitsu arts in a safe environment. The system is comprised of lists of techniques starting with very basic escapes from grabs, progressing to judo throws, ground pins, and even weapon disarms. These techniques are taught and practiced in a "kata" or "form" style with a partner.

Club Dues

After a 30 day trial period the standard club fees are $70/month for as many classes as you can make. Sliding scale and family rates are available. An AJJF membership is also required which runs $60/year, and connects to a nation-wide pool of affiliated dojos and instructors. There are many fun AJJF events to attend throughout our region like contests, camp-outs, and our yearly national convention.

Emergency Contact/Waiver

If you'd like to participate in a class just fill out a waiver. We're more than happy to have you join us on the mat with no obligations.



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6:30PM-8:30PM Tough Mudder Training
7:45PM-9:45PM Jujitsu All Ranks Tough Mudder Training Jujitsu All Ranks Jujitsu All Ranks