Dan Zan Ryu

Dan Zan Ryu jujitsu is a unique martial art developed by Professor Henry S. Okasaki in Hawaii during the 1920s. Okasaki fully integrated effective self-defense arts and a system of healing massage. He named his dojo (school) the Kodenkan which translates to “The School of the Ancient Tradition” in that senior students teach less advanced students. It is through this Hawaiian concept of kokua, to mutually help one another, that we train in Dan Zan Ryu at the Davis Ju-do Kai.

Typical Classes

Classes generally begin with warm ups and stretches followed by rolls and falls to develop a basis for the safe practice of jujitsu. We then progress to working on fundamental skills as a whole group. These principles and concepts are always made accessible for both new and experienced students. Next the sensei may divide the class into smaller groups to work on rank appropriate techniques and skills. Finally, we end class with a brief massage instruction and practice.

Attendees of the Davis Ju-do Kai 55th Anniversary in July, 2019

Mat massage at the Davis Ju-do Kai 55th Anniversary training event


Left: Jessica Conover - 3rd Dan (school head)